Me & My Shadow


Status Name Progress
Complete a level.
Good job!
Receive a gold medal.
Travel 100 meters.
Horizontal confusion
Press left and right simultaneously.
Play the development version of Me and My Shadow.
Complete the tutorial level pack.
Experienced player
Complete 50 levels.
You did it!
Complete any level pack besides tutorial.
Outstanding graduate
Complete the tutorial level pack with gold for all levels.
Earn 50 gold medals.
Complete all official levels.
Great victory
Complete all official levels with silver or gold.
Epic victory
Complete all official levels with gold.
Complete 10 levels in row without dying.
Expert survivalist
Complete the default level pack from start to finish without dying or resetting once.
Play Me and My Shadow for more than 2 hours.
Loyal fan of Me and My Shadow
Play Me and My Shadow for more than 24 hours.
Use the level editor for more than 2 hours.
The creator
Use the level editor for more than 8 hours.
Look, cute level!
Create a level for the first time.
The level museum
Create 10 levels.
Hello, World!
Write a script for the first time.
Jump 100 times.
Jump 1000 times.
Player or shadow hold other 100 times.
Player or shadow hold other 1000 times.
Travel 1 kilometer.
Long distance runner
Travel 10 kilometers.
Marathon runner
Travel 42,195 meters.
Push blocks for 100 meters.
Box delivering company
Push blocks for 1 kilometer.
I'm not intentional
Break a pushable block.
Only pieces of wood left
Break 100 pushable blocks.
Be careful!
Die for the first time.
It doesn't matter...
Die 50 times.
Expert of trial and error
Die 1000 times.
Keep an eye for moving blocks!
Get squashed for the first time.
Potato masher
Get squashed 50 times.
Double kill
Get both the player and the shadow dead.
Bad luck
Die 5 times in under 5 seconds.
This level is too dangerous
Die 10 times in under 5 seconds.
You forgot your friend
Finish the level with the player or the shadow dead.
Just in time
Reach the exit with the player and the shadow simultaneously.
Player and shadow push the same pushable block in opposite directions.
Record 100 times.
Record 1000 times.
Under par
Complete a level with recordings less than the target recordings.
It just breaks
Break a fragile block.
Block breaker
Break 100 fragile blocks.
Switch puller
Pull the switch 100 times.
The switch is broken!
Pull the switch 1000 times.
Swap 100 times.
Play it save
Save 100 times.
This game is too hard
Load the game 100 times.
Collect 100 collectibles.
Treasure hunter
Collect 1000 collectibles.
No, thanks
Complete a level with checkpoint, but without saving.
Panic save
Save twice in 1 second.
Panic load
Load twice in 1 second.
Bad saving position
Load the game and die within 1 second.
This level is too hard
Load the same save and die 100 times.
Quick swap
Swap twice in under a second.