Marvellous Inc.


Status Name Progress
Baby Robot Steps
Finish your first puzzle
Party Boy
Attend Paul's houseparty
Home Decor
Complete puzzle 'Home Improvement'
I Got You Bro
Complete puzzle 'Simple Sort'
I, Dead Robot
Take an innocent robot's life away
Spilling Oil
Kill 10 robots dead
One of a Kind
Receive a most peculiar robot
Golden Star
Complete the tutorial
Senior Employee
Complete act 1
The Price of Progress
Complete act 2
Complete the main game
A New Dawn
Burn the evidence
Better Years to Come...
Send proof from the inside
Lord Commander of the Division's Watch
Complete challenge puzzle 'Small Division'
Sorting Doctor
Complete challenge puzzle 'Hardester Sort'
Mechanical Genocide
Brutally murder 100 robots
Master of Optimization
Complete challenge puzzle 'Division II'
Best Programmer in the World
Complete every puzzle in the game. Congratulations!