Can anybody help this person who wants #geolocation #metadata stripped automatically from photos on upload on hubzilla?
AlysonAlyson wrote the following post Fri, 31 Aug 2018 04:07:49 +0200
I've been playing around with #friendica , #hubzilla , and #mastodon in addition to this #diaspora account. And, so far, Hubzilla is my favorite in terms of features and out-of-the-box UI/UX. HOWEVER ... I really really want my geolocation metadata stripped on upload. I love Disapora and Friendica for protecting my privacy in this way.

I haven't been able to find any documentation or settings that suggest the Hubzilla will do this for me. Does anyone know if it exists and I'm just not seeing it? It's a deal-breaker for me.

#federation #fediverse #photo #exif

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I already responded on the diaspora thread. We used to strip exif on upload, but dropped it when moving photos to webdav. This is because Microsoft (and others) check the file size after upload and if it is any different than the original they will erase it and upload it again - forever. You can also use permissions to keep strangers from accessing your photos but this only works if all your friends are on Hubzilla.  This person is keen to federation so that option is probably off the table.

We strip exif from any generated thumbnails and these are what most people see unless they click through to the full size original.  

I suppose we could still allow the option and somehow restrict it only to non-webdav uploads or do it for everything and let you decide if this was compatible with your WebDAV client.
@h.ear.t | tobias   jpegtran from the libjpeg-turbo package does lossless jpeg transformations. the "-copy {none, comments, all}" option can strip exif data. There's also exiftran.  Seems like most portrait shots from my cellphone get turned sideways so I usually batch process photos before uploading to hubzilla. e.g.
"for pic in *.jpg; do jpegtran -rotate 90 $pic > new; mv new $pic; done"  
Also I use the crop option for quickly making avatars , etc.
The rotation problem may have been fixed a month or three ago; although it's somewhat browser dependent. Chrome auto-rotates if EXIF data is present, but Firefox does not. All of the Hubzilla generated thumbnails should now be correct on all browsers if there was any EXIF orientation available on the original; but since the original still has EXIF data its orientation will be completely at the whim of the browser.