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I just took a look and it turns out that the Firefox addon  "Share - backported" works more or less with Hubzilla. You'll need to go to the settings page and enter a custom URL (and turn off the services you don't want).


Bonus points for submitting a pull request with a Hubzilla icon rather than the ugly green splotch they use for custom shares. You'd probably want to copy the Mastodon example. There's also a Diaspora share but it uses a dedicated centralised post URL rather than being configurable per instance.

Great way to share links on the web.


Or use the new Nomad Hubzilla app (or Twidere) on your Android mobile:


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Cool update from Mozilla's VR team:


All open-source, build on A-Frame. Might become a pretty cool multiplayer sand-box in the future ;)

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Since I am not in university anymore this will not be much use for me, but back then Zotero (

) was really popular and I think it still is.
However by default it is not possible to easily self-host the server side part of Zotero and the social sharing features are also very limited.

So when I randomly came across this cool project that implements a full Zotero backend server in php on top of webdav, I thought this might be really interesting for some researcher to implement as an app in Hubzilla:


Interesting! I used Zotero a while ago as well. A very helpful tool - and seems like it could fit in nicely with certain use cases of Hubzilla.

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Can anyone give me a hint how I can remove the duplicated 'gallery' entry on this channel:


If I log into the corresponding account (a multi channel account) I don't see them, and in fact the gallery app isn't even installed...
Thanks for the help!
I don't understand why there are 2, especially if the app isn't installed. I notice that what is pinned to the nav bar doesn't appear in the dropdown menu. So if you were to install the gallery app, you could probably then try pinning it to the nav bar, and maybe at least one of them would move there. Just an idea.
On rare occasions addons can get installed twice. For some reason this is happening more often recently. There has also been some work performed on the plugin code recently. These two things may or may not be related. You might try

util/addons uninstall gallery
util/addons uninstall gallery
util/addons install gallery

The first uninstall may succeed in removing both instances but if you do it twice you know for sure.

It is unclear why this is happening at an increased frequency recently.  All of the code related to loading and unloading addons is in include/plugin.php and is available for your inspection.

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Surprising this hasn't mentioned yet. Seems to be an initiative from some people behind Diaspora?


We feel that the federated web could do with an organisation that does not directly represent any of the projects, but aims to fight for a better future for the whole federated web. That is why we founded the "Federated Networks Association ry", a non-profit registered in Finland.
Castle Game EngineCastle Game Engine wrote the following post Thu, 30 Aug 2018 17:29:32 +0200
Submit models to opengameart.org with [cge] tag, while we’re working on our Asset Store
We got excited and we decided to build our own Asset Store:) Initial plans are here. While it’s being created, I suggest we upload models to opengameart.org and mark them by placing

in the title. This way we can build the content for our asset store today 🙂 We have a persistent link to …

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Partially a service announcement, but the new much faster 2.0 release of DAVdroid works great with HubZilla. See this article by @Andrew Manning to learn how to configure it.

Task via OpenTask App also work great, but is there any way to display these task lists in the HubZilla webinterface? The Tasks in the side menu of the calendar view seems to be unrelated to CalDAV?
is there any way to display these task lists in the HubZilla webinterface

This is not yet implemented.
By the way, there is also this cool new plugin for Mozilla Thunderbird that allows adding CalDAV & CardDAV to it very easily:


poVoq hat poVoqs Beitrag mit ⋕Android verschlagwortet
Flightgear at a new level!
FlightGear Flight SimulatorFlightGear Flight Simulator wrote the following post Sun, 26 Aug 2018 14:02:54 +0200
The Grand View

Earth from space

The view from a spacecraft – dark blue oceans, the multi-colored landmasses, the blue ribbon of the atmosphere and brilliant white cloudbands during the day, long shadows and hues of orange and pink in the dawn zones and finally the gleaming lights of the planet’s cities and the faint strands of aurora in the sky.

Few of us will ever have the chance to go to ISS and view the ‘pale blue marble’ from low Earth orbit – for real that is.



Matters are quite different in a simulation of course. Over the last years, Flightgear’s …
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Does anyone have the latest version of Twidere from Fdroid working with Hubzilla? See:

It used to work a few months ago, but was a bit buggy so I de-installed it, but now I can't get it to work again. AndStatus works (but I don't like it), so the GNUSocial api should be working fine on my hub.

I think I followed this description for Frendica previously:

But now the /api URL in HubZilla seems to be a placeholder for the Mastodon api and only returns "not implemented" (would be cool by the way to use some of the nice Mastodon clients with HubZilla).

Twidere seems like a client that would work well with HubZilla as supports quite a bit of the advanced functionality, and contrary to the new Nomad app also works offline.

Thanks for the help :)
poVoq hat poVoqs Beitrag mit ⋕Twidere verschlagwortet
poVoq hat poVoqs Beitrag mit ⋕Android verschlagwortet
For the record, these three calls aren't implemented and Twidere wants to use them:


and statusnet/config is available under the base api but not under api/1.1 where Twidere wants to find it.

I've fixed the last one. Paste the others into a bug report.

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I notice when searching for another app that work was started on an Android app for the location sharing feature:


Any more details on this? I would be highly interested in getting all the location features tidied up and working well in HubZilla. Stuff like location aware posts & shared georeferenced photos also showing op on the tracked map (and it being possible to comment on directly in the app or a popup on the web-map display etc.) and so on would be awesome.

Porting some features from this Nextcloud app (GUI overlay on leaflet, all the interfaces with different tracking software etc.):


would probably also make a lot of sense.

@Andrew Manning I currently neither have the time or the skill-set to really help out much, but would any kind of monetary bounties help you better balance your HubZilla work with other for-pay work? Can't really hire you full time of course :)

P.S.: I still think the name "Rendezvous" is not that well suited for a tracking app... something more generic and descriptive would really be better ;)
I have started and effectively abandoned several attempts to create this app. I agree it would be a great app to have, which is why I keep trying to work on it, but this gets directly to your question:
...would any kind of monetary bounties help you better balance your HubZilla work with other for-pay work?

for which the answer is unfortunately "no" up to any realistic amount of money. If I were paid enough to quit my job then it would be a serious consideration! But that's never going to happen, so I will probably continue to stop and start as my volunteering time and energy allow.

If you like the idea for this app, get others excited about it and find people to help build it. It needs a team. I'll gladly help.
While talking about location based services:


Would seem like an ideal candidate for integration into HubZilla.

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I remember seeing some WIP/outdated survey forms App for HubZilla a while ago... but now it seems to be impossible to find again.

The poll feature is nice, but to actually collect some more detail responses (with checkboxes etc.) it would be actually quite cool to have a specialized app.

Anyone remember this App as well? Is the code still available somewhere?
Rémi VerscheldeRémi Verschelde wrote the following post Fri, 17 Aug 2018 15:58:54 +0200
I tried Bauxitedev's entry for #LOWREZJAM today and wow, it's amazing!

So much detail, gorgeous artwork, SFX and gameplay packed in a 64x64 px jam game. I long for an extended version :)


Playable on Linux, macOS and Windows, made with #GodotEngine.




Looks like there is even going to be a source-code release soon. Really nice work with #Godot

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Maybe I am just missing some obvious setting, but is there a way to allow non-logged in users to use the search functionality for a channel? Right now it seems to just redirect with some ugly error messages popping up.

If searching like that isn't possible, is there an option to hide the search button from view for non-logged in users instead?

Thanks for the help.
That was a regression and was #fixed some minutes ago...

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Seems like a fairly cool project:


Especially the VR support and the build in editor.

Anyone has experience with C# development under Linux?
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Quick question: How do I actually edit the Terms of Service page on my hub? I always thought that was just another wiki, but even my admin account doesn't seem to have write access to it by default. Anything obvious that I am missing?
Ok, that seems to work, but I had to newly create the SiteTOS.md Thanks!

I wonder though about the new gdpr1.md... obviously it is meant to be modified as well, but wouldn't it be overwritten during an update?
I wonder though about the new gdpr1.md... obviously it is meant to be modified as well, but wouldn't it be overwritten during an update?

There hasn't been any consensus about how exactly to accomplish this. I whipped up a quick document to try and cover the basic legal requirements because there had been a lot of talk but no action and the GDPR implementation deadline had already passed. I believe I noted in the checkin that figuring out how to edit the document without causing merge conflicts was a potential issue.

It's a bit harder than implementing a site terms of service because in this case we're providing a default document in case you have no site policy configured. Perhaps the simplest implementation would be to use a configurable URL for the site policy document which defaults to the built-in copy if you don't change it. The first obvious issue with this approach is how one encodes the various languages in a custom URL that could theoretically point to somebody's private blog on another server. So perhaps instead of a URL the configuration would just be the base filename and would still point to the doc tree.

You are welcome to propose and implement anything you think will work.
Just submitted a PR to dev that allows site admins to override the location of individual files in the doc/ tree.  This should be useful for either creating new translations or providing local site specific help pages without disturbing the project "doc/" directory or risking overwriting changes.

Here's the notes from the PR:
Add support for overriding helpfiles by either providing an entirely new root directory to replace "doc/", or by overriding specific helpfiles.  When overriding the whole documentation root directory, be sure to include a "{newroot}/about/about.[bb|md|html]" as this will be used as the 'fail-safe' if a requested file is not found.

The following can be used in .htconfig or another appropriate place:

\App::$override_helproot = "path"; // default = "doc/".  Unless fully qualified, path is relative to the install directory.
\App::$override_helpfiles ["_default_path_"] = "_new_path_"; // \App::$override_helproot will NOT be applied
                                                             // if a specific file is overridden in this way.
                                                        // _default_path_ and _new_path_ should NOT include
                                                        //                                       the file extension
                                                        // The file extension will be auto-detected in this order:
                                                        //          .md   .bb   .html
                                                        // NOTE: Specific language files CAN be overridden using this method.

//Example specific language override
\App:$override_helpfiles ["en-gb/myhelpfile"] = "engb-docs/myhelpfile"; //will use {installroot}/engb-docs/myhelpfile
                                                                        //if the browser requests
                                                                        //       https://my.hub/help/myhelpfile
                                                                        //and the language is set to en-gb.

NOTE: The changes made retain the unfortunate behavior of returning the default about/about page if a specific language is requested in the URL sent to the application but the specific requested translation for that particular page does not exist.  For example, if the user language resolves to en-gb (a language for which NO translations are present in the doc/ tree), a specific request to https://my.hub/help/en-gb/member/member_guide will error out and return present the user with the about/about page.  The expected behavior would be to return member/member_guide (ignoring the specifically requested translation).  This is an edge case, but worth noting someplace in case someone in the future is motivated to fix it.

This behavior existed before the changes in this patch were made.

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Looks like Nextcloud is getting ready for a new ActivityPub sharing feature in the next version (v14):


Might be cool if HubZilla could play along from the beginning :)

Although... I guess federated file-sharing would need some fixing too, as right now I am not able to share a file to a HubZilla webfinger address from withing Nextcloud either.
In fact, maybe an plugin to add OpenCloudMesh API compatibility would be the best? See:
Was this lost in the 3.4.2 to 3.6 upgrade issues? OpenCloudMesh compatibility would be awesome ;)

Oh and a nicer file manager like this

would be cool as well.

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I noticed a strange thing when interacting via a Mastodon instance:
Somehow where I have an embedded content in my Hubzilla instance, the retooted post on Mastodon has a "embedded content" text which is a bit confusing to Mastodon users as it is really only text.
I though the embedded plugin was a purely client side feature to show links and would not effect what is posted and federated to other instances?
Julian MurgiaJulian Murgia wrote the following post Tue, 17 Jul 2018 09:54:39 +0200
I improved the upcoming TPS demo for #GodotEngine by adding a camera shake effect and an animation + particles around the star at the center of the room. WDYT?
#gamedev #godot
PS: Sorry for the sh*tty quality, I recorded this video on my middle-end laptop and the demo is still WIP, not completely optimized so my framerate is pretty low.

Do you have a RSS/ATOM feed for your RogueBox blog that I can add to the new fediverse enabled FreeGameDev.net planet?
 from ActivityPub
Sorry that I did not answer earlier. I must have overlooked your message.

At the moment I ave no feed but I would like to change this. I'm looking for a suitable solution right now. If you know something thats easy to set up for static pages please let me know.
Actually I am still testing the federation with HubZilla, so maybe it was delivered late ;)
What system are you currently using to create those pages? I personally like

as a static page generator which has a plugin for RSS/Atom feeds.
 from ActivityPub
I'll check it out. Thx

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