Krzysztof JankowskiKrzysztof Jankowski wrote the following post Sun, 11 Nov 2018 00:00:06 +0100
Update: Pixel-map based movement. GUI buttons enabled when move is possible. Working map.

#GameDev #IndieDev #GodotEngine

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!Hubzilla Development
With the recent informal specialization move of Osada becoming a more social networking directed branch on the Zot family and Hubzilla moving more into the direction of an app platform (unlike its original shape as a shared webring like personal website system), it might make sense to look into actual user-stories and see which functionality would be useful to add as apps.

One thing that seems to have resonated is streamlining Hubzilla more as a researcher's collaboration platform.
Making a Zotero backend using this software:

would be really cool.

And now there is also this cool ActivityPub enabled document annotation and sharing system, that might integrate well with Hubzilla:

eugenelozaeugeneloza wrote the following post Mon, 29 Oct 2018 15:01:50 +0100
Today I've been playing a cool #FOSS #Roguelike #Mech game: It's really amazing! You can create your own mech, equip it with tons of different stuff, including modules, armor, radars, missile launchers, swords and embark on a quest to help the Universe deal with planets ecology :)

TheMightyGliderTheMightyGlider wrote the following post Tue, 23 Oct 2018 14:47:37 +0200
The past days I didn't work on my game much. (Shame on me! ;) )
Instead I spent my time on Isleward a #foss MMORPG completely written in javascript. It can be played in browser or via a native client. IMHO the game does many things right and could be seen as an example for a good foss rpg. The comunity seems to be very friendly as far as I could tell. And... I LOVE the 8bit-ish art style!


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!Hubzilla Support Forum

Very strange issue here... I use a channel as an RSS feed aggregator and today I noticed that new RSS feeds I add only post as "private" with that little lock symbol, which prevents sharing and also using them as channel source. The old ones work fine as before, so this is rather odd.

Anyone got an idea what could be causing this?

Edit: happened exactly with the 50th added feed. I guess I need to check the service level settings?
Edit2: no... it also started doing it on other channels with no feeds added yet. Very odd :(
If you want to make this content public, set it up as a channel source. Do this at your own risk.

@Mike Macgirvin
Yes I am doing that ;) I am not too worried about the copyright aspect as I am carefully selecting the feeds from the open-source/FOSS gaming scene that are 99% sure not going to sue me.

What I find strange though is, how does Hubzilla decide which feed items get a lock and which don't? As I said, I have plenty of feeds where this doesn't happen so it isn't a general "feature" it seems. Does it decide based on some meta data from the RSS feed or how does it happen?
@poVoq this is possibly a bug.
Go figure. I've had 3 new connections to channels after I announced they were shutting down 2 days ago. That is more than I usually get in months.

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Is it possible to somehow suppress double posts on the public stream if a user on the same server posts to a forum channel?
Of course it makes sense to have the post appear both on the users server and the forum channels server, but if they are the same than forum channel could maybe take priority and the user post should be somehow hidden on the public stream?
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Some cool new open-source game videos from qudobup:

IVAN Gameplay
by Open Source Games on YouTube

Red Eclipse Gameplay (Open Source FPS)
by Open Source Games on YouTube

Wyrmsun Gameplay
by Open Source Games on YouTube

by Open Source Games on YouTube
PolymorphPolymorph wrote the following post Wed, 10 Oct 2018 16:51:28 +0200
#Brussels, 27-28 Oct. Video Game for Art workshop.

Workshop lead by @frankiezafe who will uncover the potential of the #Godot libre video games engine.


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Pretty cool #godotengine video showing off the new Third Person Shooter demo:

Godot 3.1 Awesome 3rd Person Shooter Demo (Free and Open Source)
by Gamefromscratch on YouTube
Mux213Mux213 wrote the following post Sat, 06 Oct 2018 21:28:43 +0200
Added a VR mode to my #godotengine racing game tutorial

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muppethmuppeth wrote the following post Sat, 06 Oct 2018 20:34:31 +0200
Cyberpunk MUD
I'm looking for a MUD set in cyberpunk world which is still active with many folks online. If there's none, anyone feels like joining and building one?

#mud #gaming #gamingonlinux
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Interesting lightweight raycasting library (think Wolfenstein3D) being discussed on our forums:

René RödersteinRené Röderstein wrote the following post Wed, 03 Oct 2018 09:01:00 +0200
Connect via ActivityPub
just tried to subscribe with my Hubzilla account to a Peertube channel via ActivityPub. The authorization tried to open the following page which ended in a page not found:

Must ActivityPub be activated somewhere on the Huzilla side?
Steffen K9 🐙Steffen K9 🐙 wrote the following post Wed, 03 Oct 2018 09:14:59 +0200
The server needs the 'PubCrawl' addon. And the user has to enable 'ActivityPub' in the channel settings (dev branch: install ActivityPub App).

For those wondering how to link with Mastodon or Peertube etc.

I actually thought it was enabled by default? Next version of Hubzilla seems to have default applications though it seems.
Rémi VerscheldeRémi Verschelde wrote the following post Mon, 01 Oct 2018 23:27:52 +0200
#Hacktoberfest starts today!

If anyone is up for some #FOSS #gamedev engine hacking, feel free to ask me or any other #GodotEngine contributor for guidance.

Some more infos:

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!Hubzilla Support Forum
Good news for those looking to integrate #HubZilla and #Nextcloud without having to rely on an external service like LDAP.
After some coordination with the user_sql Nextcloud app the latest development version now supports salted whirlpool hashed passwords, which is what Hubzilla is using.

(forget about the SHA512, my original mistake)

I have it working here, but it requires some extra steps:
1. Create a view in your database to combine the account and the channel tables.
SELECT `channel_address`,  `channel_name`, `account_password`, `account_salt`, `account_email` FROM `account`, `channel` WHERE `channel_account_id` = `account_id` as the SQL query should do for basic setups
2. Install Nextcloud and the user_sql app (until the next official release you will need the develop branch from github)
3. Configure user_sql to access the HubZilla database and choose the above parameters for password hash, salt etc. Channel address should be the user name and channel name the full name. The hashing algorithm needs to be "whirlpool" and you need to check the "prepend salt" checkbox.
4. Enjoy logging into your nextcloud with your Hubzilla channel name and password (email might also work, but could cause issue if you have multiple channels per account). You can link the CalDAV calendars and also the WebDAV storage via the external storage app in Nextcloud easily.

If you are feeling fancy you can install the JSXC XMPP client Nextcloud app and link an XMPP server like Prosody or Ejabberd to your Nextcloud and Hubzilla via the Xcloudauth software:

I have not yet tested it, but I believe the auto login feature from the HubZilla XMPP plugin might work this way.

Todo: find a way to have user roles in HubZilla to link them with the groups in Nextcloud :)

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!Hubzilla Development
I am looking for a way to have certain user categories and right now the closes seems to be "service class", but that only allows a single one per account I think?

The regular groups feature seems channel specific, so there is no way to use of for having server wide groups/categories.

I am looking at this from the perspective to accessing the HubZilla database from an external service for sharing users, but right now there seems to be no truly comparable concept to user categories in HubZilla. I would like to pass such groups to my Ejabberd XMPP server for populating the shared groups rooster.

I guess this might be also relevant for the upcoming OpenID Connect feature that typically also allows passing "group membership" parameters? @M. Dent

But of course having a concept of "moderators" or "supporters" etc. in HubZilla might be interesting as well, and similar to the existing "service class", just that often you would want a user to be a member of more than one group...

Has anyone looked into this before or might this be an upcoming feature?
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Yeah, however in my specific case I can't use LDAP for various reasons (server limitations and not wanting to have cross server accessible LDAP as it isn't meant for such uses).
But once server wide OpenIDConnect is available then it would also make a lot of sense to not use LDAP and simply deploy HubZilla as the central user-database?
Looking at the code and the database there seems to be something called "account_roles" that is so far only used for Admin ("4096") and regular users ("0")? Could that be expanded to allow custom roles?
Sure, you can use that. If it's more of a custom modification or addon you might consider using pconfig (channel) or aconfig (account) general purpose storage.

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I noticed that when I delete accounts and channels these do not get fully removed. For cloned channels "ghosts" remain in the connections page and when I manually look into the database you can see that all accounts and channels remain, but just get flagged as deleted.

Is there a way to fully purge these entries, or at least overwrite them with data, so that the user data is truly removed? Otherwise I also see issues with GDPR compliance...

Thanks for the help
As I recall, things do get deleted after some time (30 days I think). To delete them immediately would be problematic because of the way messages and data are propagated through the network. There is a need to keep the data for a time (flagged as deleted) or "ghosted" as you say, to make sure it doesn't get fully resurrected.
Ok that makes sense. Thanks a lot for explaining.
!Hubzilla Development

An Etherpad-lite integration app would be awesome:

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Disroot CommunityDisroot Community wrote the following post Sat, 29 Sep 2018 11:15:49 +0200
DisrootApp & Nomad on Fdroid
Image/photo is a platform providing multiple services for many different use cases. Most of the services offered on the platform already provide their own mobile app but that is ungraspable to the many people who were constantly inquiring about a "Disroot app". Time and time again we've been explaining people that they can use any email app supporting IMAP/POP3 or that they can just grab nextcloud app to sync files or use any Jabber client for their chat. But now, thanks to a very clever Disrooter, we actualy have a Disroot app, something we, the admins, couldn't even imagine! the Disapp works as a swiss army knife for Disroot. It helps users install appropriate apps for each service, as well as open Disroot related URL's within the app window for those services that don't have a dedicated application. Its a very neat aproach that solves a lot of problems for new comers as well as veteran users. We are very excited and very thankful for @Massimiliano as well as all the people in the community that have helped making it happen.

As some of you know for last months we are experimenting with an amazing social network called Hubzilla. Together with other disrooters we are working on the documentation, theme, plugins and few other things that will make our instance a complete package easy to onboard and use. Yet again, with pure caffeine running through his veins, the sleepless Disrooter decided to take on the task of creating dedicated app for hubzilla called Nomad. Nomad, created by @Massimiliano , is a fork of #{} (mobile app for diaspora) which serves a webview version of hubzilla with extra features such as native menus, share with, and other neat things you expect from the mobile app. It's still in early stages of development and needs a lot fo work but its very much awesome already and makes hubzilla usage on mobile a breeze.

We are very excited about those two new apps and would like to thank all the people that were involved in the process of creating them, testing and translating.

you can find both apps on fdroid if you don't use that app store yet, its about time to start:

#{} #{} #{}

The Nomad App also works great with our HubZilla instance here o/
!Hubzilla Support Forum

RSS/ATOM works for any channel by just replacing the "/channel/" with "/feed/" in the URL, but is there also a way to get a RSS feed from the public stream?
currently not (that I know)