From the previous post: I have also a good amount fo bug after these changes, part of it because I need to complete data in the XML files. Now I working completely on the interface, so on the Orbits and Planetary List panels (that will list all the orbital objects and the central star). I …

[dev notice + screenshots] fixed: 3D Bugs from Changes + Universe Fully Updated + Ongoing Work on the UI Read More »
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OpenTomb is a game engine remake for the classic Tomb Raider games. The engine re-implements game 1-5 and preserves these classic action-adventures for posterity by providing a modern and free engine to run them on. Since I don't have the original games I can't try it and comment on how complete it is. But development seems very active, so if you have one of these games laying around you might want to give it a try.

OpenTomb engine displaying trap emitters.
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4.0 Build 58

Not really a hotfix, but there's not much in this release besides bugfixes.

Known limitations:
  • Sectors in multiplayer do not sync missions
  • Sectors in multiplayer kick/disconnect players when being resized
This is due to the way sectors work. I won't be implementing a fix very soon.

  • Fixed constant crashes with multithreading enabled
  • Fixed not being able to use mech pads at FPS < 60
  • Fixed AI bases regenerating after loading a sector
  • Fixed legacy map importer flipping images on X/Y axes
  • Fixed power void power capacity being displayed
  • Fixed player menu buttons flashing
  • Fixed unused statistics displayed being in trace menu
  • Fixed chat from previous games mot clearing
  • Fixed ghost targets
  • Fixed mechs pathfinding terribly, sometimes through or into deep water/lava
  • Fixed abandoning sectors not resetting complete status
  • Fixed tutorial ores not regenerating after a crash inside it
  • Fixed draw order of overlays being below shields
  • Fixed camera moving to core when entering a mech pad
  • Fixed playing a random map after sectors being treated as a sector
  • Fixed tau mech shooting building blocks leading to a glitched mess
  • Fixed RTG sometimes not using power
  • Fixed crash on placing a command center [Web]
  • Fixed map editor not refreshing unlocks
  • Fixed landing effects wrongly appearing on ships
  • Fixed sandbox map being shuffled in server matches with custom maps
  • Fixed map names being case sensitive, allowing to save two 'sandbox' maps
  • Fixed loading of old maps causing errors
  • Fixed alpha builds displaying as 'official'
  • Fixed a single character typo that's been in the game for months and has been the target of various jokes involving different interpretations of the word "clipboard" without a 'p' [contributed by Luxray]
  • Didn't fix any typos in the previous patch notes because nothing matters in the grand scheme of things anyway
  • Added annoying and obvious dialogs explaining unlock restrictions
  • Added liquid output speed display [contributed by islq]
  • Changed default block deselect keybind to RMB [Desktop]
  • Changed building to be deselectable by clicking away [Desktop]
  • Made PvP mode automatically despawn player when <2 players were online
  • Improved visuals of placement selection

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Meridian 59

Quite a while ago I covered Open Meridian, a new client for the classic MMORPG Meridian 59. It's source has been available for a while, and just now I noticed the original version of the game is also available to play, completely free. So if you want to rediscover this classic medieval fantasy adventure, complete with both co-operative and player-vs-player gameplay, you can get Meridian 59 from here.

There is something intriguing about the classic 3D-graphics in Meridian 59.
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Red Alert: Unplugged v0.29 Alpha

  • Polished Menus/In-game UI.
  • Released Allies infiltration tech vs Soviets.
  • Added 'upgraded' tag to infiltration tech/production buildings.

Status of the work for this 0.6.16 version: fixing the memory leak in the creation of a 3D scene, due to bad code with the generation of satellites. [WIP] adding a full and definitive implementation of Low and Geosynchronous Orbits, including changes in 3D and user’s interface. [WIP] removing the 3D space units and replacing …

[dev update] Orbits Panel (WIP) – 3D Space Units Removal [DONE] – Action Menu Removal [DONE] Read More »
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4.0 Build 57

These are the longest patch notes for any release to date; I wonder how much it'll lag everyone's change logs.

As usual, this release will be unstable etc etc etc.
  • Fixed many various crashes and added some new ones for good measure
  • Fixed many bugs that aren't in the commit log because they're too insignificant
  • Fixed many small issues that you probably won't be able to point out but will subconsciously notice anyway
  • Fixed issues with server-side speed restrictions and lack of drowning
  • Fixed unit pathfinding being worse than usual
  • Fixed dedicated server PvP matches not ending
  • Fixed turret prediction being slightly off
  • Fixed certain mechs being able to mine coal into core
  • Fixed mass drivers not firing at full power
  • Fixed not being able to pick up units on conveyors
  • Fixed server discovery always taking 3 seconds even if servers were found earlier
  • Fixed ground units not attacking while retreating
  • Fixed trails getting extremely long at low FPS spikes
  • Fixed crash when directory with files starting with '$' is shown in file chooser
  • Fixed camera zooming in when attempting to zoom out [Mobile]
  • Fixed long test getting cut off in text fields [Mobile]
  • Fixed being able to bypass node link limit on servers
  • Fixed black text on German translation bundle
  • Fixed autosave triggering multiple times when paused
  • Fixed irregular map sizes causing core to become non-solid
  • Fixed multiblock erasing in editor creating black squares
  • Fixed saving a map in editor after renaming creating a glitched copy map
  • Fixed error on saving game data due to string length overflow
  • Added tutorial sector
  • Added PvP to all platforms [except web, of course]
  • Added shock mines
  • Added endgame spectre, meltdown turrets
  • Added arc anti-air turret
  • Added 4 playable mechs [Mobile]
  • Added unit patrol command
  • Added fortress unit
  • Added revenant unit
  • Added force projector block
  • Added overdrive projector block
  • Added RTG generator block
  • Added all unit pads to all game modes
  • Added infinite power/liquid/item blocks to sandbox mode
  • Added 'auto-target' setting [Mobile]
  • Added 'import legacy image' to editor
  • Added spawn point blocks
  • Added 'abandon sector' button
  • Added new alpha info dialog on startup
  • Added dialog for bad drivers/GPU on startup
  • Added 2x2 container block
  • Added confirmation for kicking people in multiplayer
  • Removed scorch turret
  • Removed core player shield
  • Removed pump and water extractor liquid sharing
  • Removed mech ability buttons [Desktop]
  • Removed power node power penalty
  • Removed item drops [are now transferred directly to core]
  • Removed 'debug mode' and all associated menus/code
  • New save format [will wipe all old data]
  • New sector preview with more distinct elevation
  • New compression algorithm for netcode
  • New power system with instant transfer speeds and no penalty
  • New sector mission system
  • New sector generation
  • New sector 'expansion' system [currently unfinished]
  • New physics [also unfinished]
  • New wave turret behavior: turrets now extinguish fires when supplied with the correct liquids
  • New bullet sprites
  • Increased alpha mech damage
  • Changed 'composite wall' to 'dense alloy wall'
  • Changed manual mining to automatically output to any core within range
  • Changed artillery turret mechanics [shells longer speed up]
  • Changed pumps and conduit placement restrictions: can only be placed near land now
  • Changed unlocking system to save per-mode or per-server
  • Changed all unit names
  • Changed drone healing mechanics; now heal a % instead of a flat amount
  • Changed lightning visuals, damage and behavior
  • Changed sector dialog visuals and layout

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Wurmsyn - Retro Fantasy RTS

Wurmsyn is fast-paced, tiny and has HUGE RPG-like scenarios. I don't quite understand how this game's pace is playable without exploiting things like turrets and how to play on a 1080p screen without touching it with your nose but I am impressed nonetheless.

Wyrmsun Gameplay
by Open Source Games on YouTube

I'd love some beginner entry levels but perhaps I'm just not the target audience.

Wurmsyn is available on Steam and uses the Workshop with 7 entries so far:


Alternatively, you can download the game from - seems a bit confusing - you have to download the exe, the dll and extract the zip. run the exe in a command line to know how to use it (you have to use the -d parameter to show it where the data folder is (extracted zip)).

Or build it yourself.

One annoying thing about the engine is that it loads levels very slowly. I think this is because images are loaded separately rather than packages being used. Oh well.

The project has a subforum on FreeGameDev:

They also have a Discord:
__ __ / \ / \__ _________ _____ _________.__. ____ \ \/\/ / | \_ __ \/ \ / ___< | |/ \ \ /| | /| | \/ Y Y \\___ \ \___ | | \ \__/\ / |____/ |__| |__|_| /____ >/ ____|___| / \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

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Red Alert: Unplugged v0.28 Alpha

  • Complete UI menu rework, excluding in-game UI.
  • Polished AI Bots, including extended late-game expansion/production for Easy, Normal AI.
  • AI do more damage to walls, Aircraft ignore walls.
  • Added invalid targets for AI aircraft types: Longbow/MiG vs Infantry, Yak/Hind vs Heavy Armor, all aircraft vs stealth (temp. workaround of AI vs stealth targeting bug).
  • AI puts out up to 2x Spy, 2x Dog, posted in base for Spy detection.
  • Machine Gunner(GER), Grenade Launcher(FRA), Sniper(ENG) buildable with Spy infiltration of Barracks + Allies Tech Center.
  • Ranger, Light Tank available with Veterancy II, Medium Tank/German Medium Tank available with Veterancy I with Spy infiltration of War Factory + Service Depot.
  • Ranger, Light Tank available with Veterancy III, Medium Tank/German Medium Tank available with Veterancy II with Spy infiltration of War Factory, Service Depot + Allies Tech Center.
  • Misc. fixes.

Status of the work for this 0.6.16 version: fixing the memory leak in the creation of a 3D scene, due to bad code with the generation of satellites. [WIP] adding a full and definitive implementation of Low and Geostationary Orbits, including changes in 3D and user’s interface. [WIP] removing the 3D space units and replacing …

[dev update] Orbits Panel (WIP) – 3D Space Units Removal – 3D Bug Fixes – Interface/Game Bug FixesRead More »
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Yorg 0.10 release candidate is ready!

Hi! After a lot of development, we have built a release candidate for Yorg's next version!

We will be more detailed about the new features in release's post. Shortly, in the current build you will find:
  • a new track and its new song,
  • a lot of improvements to the multiplayer support,
  • a new camera,
  • updated languages,
  • improvements to the driving model,
  • improvements to the GUI,
  • a lot of bugfixes and refactorings.
Here are a couple of renderings of the new track:




You can find 0.10rc1's download links in Yorg's page, at the bottom.

Support us

Finally, please consider to support us! Thank you very much!

Red Alert: Unplugged v0.27 Alpha

  • Began rework of the game's default UI

  • Misc fixes
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient AdversariesSeven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries wrote the following post Mon, 17 Sep 2018 17:36:05 +0200
Seven Kingdoms v2.15.0
We’ve accomplished much of what we hoped for in the 2.14 series, with SDL2, multiplayer match-making, translation support, and now it’s time to move to version 2.15. Everyone should get the latest version and try it out.
Windows 10 users that were using the pre-release build to address a Windows bug, should move to the current [...]
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Added Github release feeds for:

(Would be nice if these projects had actual development update RSS feeds)

Also added:

Release notes from MindustryRelease notes from Mindustry wrote the following post Sun, 02 Sep 2018 18:13:41 +0200
4.0 Build 53 - Unstable Alpha
4.0 Build 53 - Unstable Alpha

This release might be more unstable than usual. Watch out.
  • Fixed many various crashes
  • Fixed movement being choppier than usual on servers in specific situations
  • Fixed bullets appearing in front of the shooter in multiplayer
  • Fixed bridge items being contaminated by nearby bridges
  • Fixed world map preview being very inaccurate
  • Fixed editor freezing when fill tool is used on the same type of block twice
  • Fixed players getting stuck after disconnecting while being carried
  • Fixed players being able to drop items into enemy blocks
  • Balancing of recipes and units
  • Increased damage of starter mech
  • Decreased wall health 25%
  • Removed tungsten and carbide, added copper and dense alloy items with slightly different recipes
  • Removed ammo for units and players
  • Removed health bars; now displayed as a power cell
  • Added mend projector block to repair nearby blocks
  • Added power requirement to reconstructors
  • Added mechs to unlock menu
  • Added surge alloy
  • Added reflective phase walls
  • Added 2 new turrets
  • Added 4 new mechs
  • Added shield around enemy core to prevent players from attacking directly
  • Added lightning appearing when power blocks are destroyed
  • Added mech flight while boosting
  • Added abilities to ground mechs, use with E [Desktop]
  • Added automatic anonymous crash reporting service [Desktop, Server]
  • Added rebindable keys for selecting, breaking and deselecting [Desktop]
  • Added continuous multiplayer without automatic kick [Server]
  • Added command to change default port [Server]
  • Added new menu background
  • Made most blocks non-placeable on liquids
  • Changed speed and damage of javelin ship
  • Changed default deselect key to space to support laptops and such [Desktop]
  • Changed world generation
  • Changed enemy base generation
  • Changed color palette of all player-made blocks, units and mechs
  • Implemented (waif)UPnP support: port forwarding may not be required for some users
  • Changed font to support wider range of characters [Thanks to @ Gureumi]
  • Translation bundles updated
Release notes from freeorionRelease notes from freeorion wrote the following post Thu, 30 Aug 2018 17:11:21 +0200
0.4.8 Stable Release
0.4.8 Stable Release

Key Changes

  • Imperial stockpile
    • Unallocated production is stored, and can be used on colonies even if they are are disconnected from the empire supply network
    • Withdrawal limits are empire wide, based on planet stockpile meters and indicated on map and production screen
    • Techs, species, and planet focus settings affect stockpiling withdrawal limits
    • Stockpiling-focused species added: the Sly

  • Game rules options which can be modified or enabled to affect balance, content, and game mechanics

  • Unallocated research points are automatically allocated to the cheapest available tech

  • UI Improvements
    • Fleet icon representation on the map
    • Blockade indicators
    • Ship designs, hulls, and parts can be edited, saved, obsoleted, and reordered

  • Multiplayer improvements
    • Server run in hostless mode, with server-determined rules
    • Password-based player authentication
    • Observers and moderators can join ongoing games
    • Option to concede a game, subject to conditions
    • Allied victory rules

  • Extensive AI improvements
View full changelog here.

The development and changes of the interface with the orbits continues its course, I cannot yet post a dev update with screenshots since I want the Orbits panel to be completed before it. I also working on the removal the 3D space units (replacing them by 2D ones) and of course of the useless 3D …

[info] The Rules with the OrbitsRead More »
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Red Alert Global League Season 6 Registrations


Attention, players!

Season 6 of the Red Alert Global League is starting soon, with registrations closing on October 10th. The tournament itself is to be held from October 15th till December 23rd, ending with a Masters Finals to decide the next League champion.

New to this season is the streamlining of the tier system, with Masters and Minions divisions set to be potentially increased (up to 16 players per group) and Recruits division removed in favour of a pre-season qualification stage that will be used to rank league newcomers and fill vacant Minions division slots. Also, the main stage is getting packed with action now, as league rounds are double-stacked per week, and each player is to play two best-of-2 matches in his division each week.

The major part of the tournament prize pool will again be split between players finishing in top 4 in Masters division and the winner of Minions division, but now every other participant who finishes the season proper is selected for a random draw of 3 minor prizes as well.

Check the full rulebook at the forums here; as always, there is a dedicated thread for league registrations and confirmations information.

I’ve got the same piece of good news for you as always: the KeeperRL team is working on the game continuously, and the next patch is underway! But there is more: I’m also happy to announce the addition of a new team member! I’ve managed to convince my friend from university, Krzysiek, to join me […]
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Red Alert: Unplugged v0.26 Alpha

  • Changed country name 'England' to 'Britain'
  • Fixed FlyCircleOnIdle trait (Hotkey 'S' set Planes on idle).
  • Initiated infiltration Level-Up Tech Tree for Allies
  • Missile Silo alarm upon build.
  • FCom enabled production of infantry.
  • Radar Dome, Communications Center enabled to deploy +5 vision, cost -200 power.
  • Capturing Church enables construction of Wood Fences :)
  • Added 'Refresh' button to the map selector.
  • Added Project Credit section
  • Misc tweaks and fixes